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Event Calendar

Mostyn Street, Castlemaine

Start: Sun 14th Oct. 9 a.m. | End: Sun 14th Oct. 5 p.m.

Castlemaine is known as the Home of the Hot Rod.

We believe we also own the title of Billy Cart Capital of Australia. Possibly the world. Any towns out there want to challenge us on that one? Bring it on.

Billy cart races are not new to this town. Founded in 1949 as the Apex Soap Box Derby these races were organised to raise funds for the local Castlemaine Kindergarten.

In the 90’s the race was on again with fresh legs and a love for all things billy cart. These events were held and loved by the community until the last race in 2003. Let’s blame reality TV for this. People still share the stories of these races like they happened yesterday.

We pay homage and full respect to those who have done the hard yards in the past. Those who have come before us have set the scene for a town that loves and embraces billy cart racing.

The Billy Cart Challenge is on again this October 14th 2018.

Email: castlemainebillycart@gmail.com | Website: www.castlemainebillycart.com.au

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